96 Second News: 'Toy Story 4' Set Do Have Huge Opening Weekend; Lindsay Lohan Got A New Record Deal

'Toy Story 4' is in theaters this weekend, finally!

June 21, 2019

**New movies in theaters this weekend:

1.  "Toy Story 4"  (G)  

Tony Hale joins the cast as a confused spork named Forky, who gets lost during a family roadtrip.  He's a "toy" Bonnie made in class by gluing googly eyes onto his plastic, and giving him pipe cleaners for arms and popsicle sticks for feet.

Woody sets out to rescue him and reconnects with Bo Peep.  They also have run-ins with a few other lost toys, including plushies Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key, and a daredevil named Duke Caboom who's voiced by Keanu Reeves.

2.  "Child's Play"  (R)  

Mark Hamill is the voice of Chucky in this updated version of the 1988 horror classic, where the dolls are sold with the ability to use wi-fi to connect to the cloud and control drones and other smart home devices.  Yeah, I can't see that going wrong at all.

In case you've never made the connection before, both "Child's Play" and "Toy Story" were both about toys owned by a kid named Andy which come to life.  Aubrey Plaza plays this Andy's mom.  And he's played by a kid named Gabriel Bateman.

3.  "Anna"  (R)  

Russian model Sasha Luss plays a trained assassin who uses her job as a supermodel as her cover.  Luke Evans is her KGB recruiter, Helen Mirren is her handler, and Cillian Murphy is a CIA agent investigating one of her hits.


**And speaking of "Toy Story 4", it's going to be a HUGE weekend for it.  It's expected to make between $150 million and $200 million over the next three days.

If it reaches the upper range of that projection, it'll be the biggest opening for an animated movie ever.  The current record holder is "The Incredibles 2", with $182.7 million last year.

"Toy Story 3" was the first Pixar movie to break $100 million in its opening weekend.  It made $110.3 million in its first three days back in 2010.  In 2016, "Finding Dory" opened with $135 million, which was the record at the time.

"Child's Play" remake is only expected to make $16 million to $18 million.



**Someone gave Lindsay Lohan another recording contract...

LINDSAY LOHAN's "Beach Club" reality show is getting canceled, so she's just gonna fly under the radar for a while, right?  Nope.  She's making MUSIC again.

She just signed a record deal with Casablanca, which is run by Mariah Carey's ex, Tommy Mottola.  The new music she's working on reportedly includes some cuts for soundtracks.

Lindsay originally signed with Casablanca 15 years ago and released two albums . . . "Speak" in 2004 and "A Little More Personal (Raw)" in 2005.


**Videos will probably never again have the cultural impact they did when the "M" in MTV still stood for MUSIC.  But they've been making a comeback in the streaming era.  And there have been some really good ones already this year.

"Billboard"put together a list of the 20 best so far.  Here they are, in no particular order:

1.  "7 Rings", Ariana Grande

2.  "On a Roll", Ashley O (a.k.a. Miley Cyrus)

3.  "Boy with Luv", BTS featuring Halsey

4.  "Sucker", The Jonas Brothers

5.  "Old Town Road", Lil Nas X featuring Billy Ray Cyrus

6.  "Wow", Post Malon 

7.  "You Need to Calm Down", Taylor Swift


**A new study out of England found that working just one day a week is best for your mental health.

If you work any more than that, you're not getting any extra mental health benefits.  But if you work LESS than that . . . in other words, if you're unemployed . . . you ARE missing out on the mental health benefits you get from a job, like feeling productive.

 A survey asked people how many days a week they'd want to work if money wasn't an issue and they liked their job . . . and only 2% said one day a week.  That's the same amount of people who said six days or seven days.

28% said three days a week . . . 21% said four days . . . 11% said five days . . . and 14% said NO DAYS.  The rest of people weren't sure. 


**TMZ may have uncovered more "evidence" that this JUSTIN BIEBER / TOM CRUISE fight is no joke.

Remember when UFC boss DANA WHITE said he talked to some, quote, "real guys" about this fight?  Well, it sounds like those guys were Ari Emanuel and Scooter Braun.

Ari Emanuel is the CEO of William Morris Endeavor, which owns the UFC.  And Scooter Braun is Bieber's manager.

A source says they had a conference call with Dana on Friday . . . with Emanuel saying he wanted the fight to happen, and Scooter saying Justin would be WILLING to do it.

Emanuel also said he, quote, "strongly believed" Cruise would be into it.



**The "Today" show celebrated 25 years at Studio 1A yesterday, and there was a five-plus-minute montage of memorable moments.  MATT LAUER was totally left out of it, which was clearly intentional, since he was there for almost ALL of that time. 

Of course, he was fired 18 months ago, following sexual misconduct allegations.

ANN CURRY also wasn't in it, and that MIGHT have been a choice as well.  She was on the show for 15 years, but was only a co-host for one.  She was demoted in 2012, although it's still unclear what went down. 



**Over the years, the Houston Rockets have changed up the look of their jerseys quite a bit, but there is one look that will always be a nostalgic fan favorite- the colors red and yellow.

The Houston Rockets revealed their new team uniforms during a star-studded night, and some of the new designs may look a little familiar, especially the iconic ketchup and mustard look.

The new uniforms are one of many changes the team has made this season.

ABC 13


**If you’ve ever had what you would describe as the most horrendous vacation ever, you’ll want to pay attention: An expert travel planner wants to help you hit the reset button and plan the perfect vacation do-over.

The American Society of Travel Advisors is giving one lucky person the chance at the trip of their dreams, valued up to $10,000 — and the company will do ALL THE LEG WORK.

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It’s worth noting that part of telling your horror story of a vacation includes submitting a video. All of this must be done by July 19. The winner of the trip will be announced Aug. 1.

Do you ever wish you could hit the reset button on your DIY vacation? ASTA is giving you (and your friends or family) the chance to “Do Over” your vacation! One lucky entrant will win the trip of their dreams, valued at up to $10,000. Best of all, this time we’ll do all the work, as every aspect of your vacation will be planned by one of ASTA’s expert travel advisors. To enter, follow these simple steps: 1. Fill out the form on TravelSense.org/VacationDoOver by July 19. 2. Follow TravelSense.org on Instagram or Facebook – we’ll check to verify. 3. Share our “Vacation Do Over” post on your Instagram or Facebook. The lucky winner will be announced August 1st. . . . . . #letsgetaway #travelislife #vacationdoover #foodietraveller #foodiedestination #funwaytotravel # travelislife-- #wanderer #wander #wanderlusting

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**Season 4 of Riverdale will kick off with a tribute to Luke Perry, the show’s creator announced Wednesday.

“Probably the most important episode of #Riverdale we’ll do this year, if not ever,” showrunner Robert Aguirre-Sacasa said on Twitter. “A tribute to our fallen friend. Thankful for this opportunity to honor Luke & Fred.” 

In his tweet, he shared a photo of the script for Season 4’s first episode, titled “In Memoriam.”

While Perry’s last appearance on Riverdale aired in April, nearly two months after his death, the absence of his character, Fred Andrews, has yet to be addressed on screen. Aguirre-Sacasa previously told The Hollywood Reporter that the decision to hold off on wrapping up Fred’s story was made out of respect.

Riverdale Season 4 premieres October 9 on The CW.



**Dave Matthews recently launched the newest addition to his line of Dreaming Tree Wines, a “remarkably good” rosé. And, as it turns out, it was all his wife’s idea.

“My wife said, ‘Are you gonna make a Rosé with Dreaming Tree, and I said, ‘What a good idea!’” Dave told PEOPLE of his wife Ashley Harper. “So I called up Sean [McKenzie> who’s head winemaker at Dreaming Tree and … I said, ‘Hey, my wife thinks it’s time to do a rosé!’ “

And the bottle is just as unique itself. It features a poem written by Matthews and a doodle Matthews drew of “Rosie the Rhino,” to highlight the company’s latest partnership with the International Rhino Foundation, a charity working to save the world’s five remaining rhino species.