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This little karate student gets cheered on from his class mates to kick a board in half!

May 16, 2019

A tearful 5-year-old boy named Phoenix rallied to break a board after being cheered on by his karate classmates...

By now you may have seen a video that's been making rounds on Twitter that shows little Phoenix struggle with breaking a wood board at Orlando dojo, Bobby Dixon’s American Martial Arts Academy.

According to USA Today, he made repeated unsuccessful attempts at breaking the board with his heel and broke down in tears. This was a component of Phoenix’s test for a yellow belt, but Phoenix’s sensei and classmates wouldn’t let him give up.

With everyone cheering him on, Phoenix eventually recovered to break the board. That was when the entire dojo went wild to celebrate with the young boy. His mother, Claudia, shared the video on Facebook and YouTube. Her Facebook video surpassed 18 million views as of Wednesday.

His mom posted the video to Facebook saying, "My boy learned one of the most important lessons in his life today!  NEVER.. EVER GIVE UP!!! Thank you Bobby Dixon and Erik Gianini for all that you do!  AHOO!!!"

We're not crying...YOU'RE CRYING!