All The Feels On The 50's

May 16, 2018

While most people have to pay an arm and a leg for tickets to catch a glimpse of the "Hamilton" cast, former President George H.W. Bush got a taste of the Broadway smash hit right in his own office on Tuesday.

Tickets for the show have been sold out for months, but the cast decided to spend the afternoon making a very special appearance for the very special former president. 

The Hamilton cast performed for George HW Bush before hitting the stage for it's performance downtown as part of Broadway at the Hobby Center.

Bush welcomed the cast into his Houston office, where he was serenaded with songs from Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tony Award-winning musical.

HW said on Twitter, "A complete joy to welcome the “HamFam” — the cast and crew of @HamiltonMusical — to our Houston office for a special performance I will never forget. History never sounded so powerful.

"Hamilton: An American Musical" is playing in Houston now through May 20, but don't count go getting as special of a private performance as #41 did.


When Jessica Haelen lost her engagement ring in Galveston near 8-mile road she was heartbroken. She was in her friend’s car had the ring on her lap, and she went to clean the sand off.

That’s when her friend’s car got stuck sand. Jessica got up to help and it just slipped her mind that the ring was on her lap and fell. She didn’t realize that she had lost the ring until she got to the restaurant.

She told KPRC, quote,  “We're getting out of the car to go eat and I realize my ring is gone,” Haelen said. What made matters were, it wasn’t just any ring. It was the ring that her Mom’s who had passed away her sophomore year in high school.

When she realized she had lost the ring, she called her fiancé who flagged down Officer Derrick Jaradi, of the Galveston Police Department.

Jaradi, who had gotten engaged that day, got his metal detector and his friends and they started searching the beach but they had no luck.

Jessica waited and worried and then got a text message in the early hours that said, quote, “Success!” The officer had been called back to the beach to stop a party and decided to give it one more try and in that last effort, found the ring! Truly a blessing!