All The Feels On The 50's

May 17, 2018

It’s graduation season and that means senior pranks and it is rare, if not unheard of for the Police to be praising students for their jokes. However, in Wisconsin at Cumberland High School, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Not only is it the police department but school officials are praising students for their “CHS Class of 2018: We’re Bustin’ Out” prank which has now gone viral.

The photos are online but essential it looks like a car, crashed through the building. However, when you take a closer look, you realize it is art at its finest.

The students took a half busted car from a junkyard and taped a black tarp on the building, so they didn’t hurt the building, and it looked like a giant gaping hole, they scattered brick around it and scribbled slogans such as “CHS Class of 2018: We’re Bustin’ Out” across the windows.

When the police arrived they were so impressed THEY posted the photos saying quote, “one of best senior pranks that Cumberland High School has seen.” The prank even got a compliment from the school district! , They said, quote, “Nice work, seniors! You had everyone a little nervous this morning!” says the district’s Facebook page. “The best part? This prank included absolutely no damage at all to school property, which is why police singled it out.”

The Seniors also used the “Prank” to show the dangers and bring attention to teen drinking and driving. 


88-year-old Bette Maloney is a Justin Timberlake superfan from Orlando, and got the surprise of a lifetime when she found out she was going to meet her celebrity crush.

According to the Miami Herald, Maloney's granddaughters surprised her with tickets tucked inside her Easter basket to Timberlake's May 14 Man of the Woods Tour concert at Orlando's Amway Center.

After Maloney’s story went viral in April, Justin got wind of the story, found her, and invited “Nammie” backstage Monday night before his concert.

A smiling Maloney asked Timberlake while they were backstage: "Do you think Jessica (Biel) would mind if I gave you a kiss?" Timberlake assured the happy grandma his wife wouldn't mind, lol.

Justin even mentioned her from the stage during the show, saying "I want to give a special shout-out. There is a pretty little lady that ended up on the news here by the name of Nammie. She is 88 and I met her earlier tonight. Where is she? Wherever you are in the audience tonight, thank you. I love you!"

After the show Nammie’s granddaughters tweeted, "Thank you @justintimberlake for being so sweet and kind to our dear Nammie. You have set the bar impossibly high to ever top this Mother’s Day ... BEST NIGHT EVER"

Welllllllllll this happened ... thank you @justintimberlake for being so sweet and kind to our dear Nammie. You have set the bar impossibly high to ever top this Mother’s Day ... BEST NIGHT EVER.

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