All The Feels On The 50's

The grandson of a baseball legend and a 93 year-old getting a hole-in-one will give you all the feels today!!

May 18, 2018

93-year-old Ben Bender lives in Zanesville, Ohio, about 50 miles east of Columbus and he was out golfing last month, and on the third hole of the day, he got his first ever HOLE-IN-ONE.

He'd been playing golf since he was 28, so about 65 years.  But he'd never had one before.  And it wasn't a super-short hole or anything.  It was legit.

It was a 153-yard par three over a pond.  He had to use his 5-wood to get there.  And he actually got to see it roll across the green and drop in.

Then shortly after he got his ace, he stopped . . . and decided it was his last round of golf EVER.

He played three more holes until his hip started hurting.  So at that point, he went back to the clubhouse and told the club manager he was done for good.

He says he hates to quit golfing, because he loves it so much.  But he always knew he couldn't do it forever, and this was a pretty great way to go out. 


You know the name Nolan Ryan, and may even know the name Reid Ryan, but you NEED to know Jackson Ryan.

Jackson is the grandson of Nolan, is 18 years old, and is a relief pitcher for the Second Baptist Eagles. But he's not your average high school baseball player. Jackson was born with cerebral palsy, a disorder that limits his movement on one side of his body. He throws and catches with the same hand thanks to a custom-made velcro glove.

What an inspiration!