All The Feels On The 50's

June 13, 2018

There are only a few things that bring the internet together like lost animals…

A raccoon captured all of our hearts on Tuesday when it started scaling a high rise office building in downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota but then got STUCK.

According to people who were working in the building where this was happening, the little guy got stranded on a building ledge yesterday, jumped to the roof of a two story office, and then started climbing up the walls of the UBS tower. 

A local news reporter said the raccoon was likely on a mission to raid a pigeon's nest over the skyway when it got stranded, and that it's been at least two days since it's had food or water. 

Onlookers called Minnesota's state wildlife rehab center and St. Paul's animal control to get them to help, and according to the local fire department chief, a team set up traps with food to lure it to the roof of the tower. 

The raccoon finally made it to the 23rd story before eventually arriving safely at the roof.



There’s a special bond between grandkids and grandparents and that’s exactly the case for 7-year-old Martez Johnson.

Martez has been at the hospital a lot this past year as his grandmother is undergoing cancer treatment and when the nurses found out that she wasn’t able to throw him a birthday party, they put together their own with presents and cake and SPIDERMAN decorations.

Not just decorations, SPIDERMAN actually showed up at the party and hung out with Martez and his grandmother! His grandmother said, “He means a lot to me. Especially with all I am going through. This was a very special day.”

So what did Martez think? He said he was completely surprised and didn’t know what was going on.

But if you watch the video on by clicking here. His smile says it all.

His grandmother said she was happy for him to have a day where he’s not worrying and he just had a chance to be a kid and can’t thank the doctors and nurses enough for their kindness and generosity.