All The Feels On The 50's

June 19, 2018

Cleaning up a neighborhood can be a very satisfying feeling. Cleaning up an entire city? That can be life-fulfilling!

And that’s exactly what John George is doing in Detroit with his company, Detroit Blight Busters.

John started the non-profit when he was 30 years old. And in the years he’s worked, it has facilitated approximately 182,000 volunteers to stabilize the neighborhoods in Northwest Detroit.

They have painted 700 homes, secured 400, renovated 200, and built over 100 homes since the group’s inception.

John says, “Blight is like a cancer: If you don’t set upon it, it will spread. We are knocking that cancer back and killing it.”

Detroit Blight Busters have now expanded from rehabbing homes to doing major renovations on arts and entertainment centers and even religious centers. 


Chris Pratt was a big winner at the MTV Movie Awards last night, and this weekend he reprises his role as raptor trainer Owen Grady in “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”— and his fans know he’s a hero in real life, too.

Before the much-anticipated sequel opens in theaters this weekend, Pratt staged a very special surprise for some young viewers.

245 kids and chaperones from The Boys and Girls Clubs of America showed up at New York City's Empire Theatre for an early viewing of the movie, but what they didn’t know was that Chris himself was making an appearance.

Before the screening started, a handful of young actors were challenged to give their fiercest “scared by a dinosaur” impressions. To the kids’ delight, the final "contestant" was none other than Pratt himself!

Pratt stepped onstage and offered the kids some words of advice: "If you stick to who you are, one day you can grow up and life can get really, really good for you. So just stay true to yourself."

“I feel so incredibly lucky in my life,” Pratt told TODAY after the surprise, explaining why spending time with young fans is important to him. "I feel as though I've been given an opportunity and a platform," he continued. "I'm a person of faith; I believe there's a reason I've been given this opportunity.”