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July 11, 2018

A mother's tweet asking for help finding her daughter's lost pink stuffed giraffe named Hornzy Twigs has gone viral.

Erica Fletcher said the giraffe was lost in Terminal B of Boston's Logan Airport on the morning of Saturday, July 7.

She tweeted for help by saying:

The call for help has received over 20,000 retweets. Several people responded on Twitter saying they were looking in the terminal, but Hornzy Twigs has not been found.

Fletcher said on Twitter that she is grateful for the outpouring of support and offers to send postcards and new stuffed animals. She asked people to "take that amazing energy and put it into something for kids in your community."

After the stuffed animal was found, Erica sent another tweet saying:

ABC 13

You’ve probably thought about it a time or two when driving home or when bills are due what you would do if you won the lottery. I’m sure 55-year-old Rachel Lapierre did too, before she actually won!

She is proving that money can buy happiness and she isn’t even spending a dime on herself.  She won the Lifetime Lottery in Quebec in 2013 and that means she gets 1,000 a week, every week for rest of her life.

She told the BBC “Money is money. When you’re born you don’t have anything. And when you go, you go with nothing but your memories. You go with what you did here in life.”

Fame and money isn’t something that Rachel is unfamiliar with, she attended modeling school at a young age and was even Miss Quebec in 1982 when she was 21. She toured the country, made a lot of money but what she found was all that money and fame, didn’t make her happy.

So she left modeling and that lifestyle behind and she started to volunteer and work as a nurse so she could help people. Then when she won the lottery she used that money to start a charity, Le Book Humanitaire. The organization does accept donations but most of the money comes out of Rachel’s wallet.

She said, quote,  “I think happiness comes from the heart. It’s nice to have a new home or car. It can be really fun – but you don’t need that to be happy,” she added.