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Whataburger turned into a 'chapel of love' for this couple!

January 16, 2019

A San Antonio Whataburger turned into the 'Chapel of Love' as a local couple decided to have their second wedding ceremony there.

Jordan and Arianne Moore had a traditional church wedding earlier this month on January 11, but after walking down the aisle they decided to do it again - inside a Whataburger.

Arianne told My SA that the idea came when one of their friends also got married at Whataburger.

Arianne added, "A group of our friends who had not gone home yet were super hungry and I said lets go to Whataburger. I wanted to change into regular clothes because I still had a wedding dress on but since everybody had their dress and tux on I said well let's get married again!"

A video posted to social media by Christopher Espinoza shows Moore being escorted down the Whataburger aisle at the restaurant.

The couple then exchanges vows, saying 'I do' all over again. The ceremony was complete with some discounted Whataburger food, and a card signed by the whole staff wishing them a 'what-a-happiness.'

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