All The Feels

"Shorty" the pug...who's missing his owner is giving us ALL THE FEELS!

February 19, 2019

The family of an elderly dog who was missing his owner while he was away, came up with a pretty crafty way to help soothe him.

Kristen Peralta shared a photo of Shorty the pug, who was missing her husband, Marc who was out of town.

Peralta said, “Shorty gets very anxious whenever Marc is away. He barks and cries and just cannot calm down. My mom purchased a life-size dummy that is currently dressed in Marc’s clothing. Shorty has been calm for the last hour!”

The photos shared to Facebook showed Shorty happily snuggling up to the mannequin, clearly thinking it was his owner Marc.

The Facebook post continued to read: “Shorty has been calm for the last hour! Marc is a little upset that he is so easily replaced but I told him not to worry. The dummy is not nearly as handsome or as smart as he is.”

The post also gave people the option to try this at home, noting that the dummy was purchased online from Spirit Halloween.

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