ALL THE FEELS: Meet Miss Senior Pasadena, Betty O'Bannon

April 13, 2018


This adorable story comes from our friends at ABC 13...proving there is no age limit on following your dreams to becoming a beauty pageant queen!

Betty O' Bannon is the newly crowned Miss Pasadena beating out 11 other ladies last Thursday night. O'Bannon is 85 years young and spends time volunteering at her church's community center.

What put her over the top in the contest was her comedy act, which she has been been performing at venues for years.

"If I can make someone laugh, that is my reward. If someone is having a bad day and I can make them laugh, that is all I want. That is a blessing," O'Bannon says.

In her downtime, Betty enjoys watching Deer Park High School baseball and the Houston Astros.

When asked what she would do if she ever met her favorite player Jose Altuve, O'Bannon said, "Oh, man. I'd give him a big hug!"

Betty is looking forward to representing her city and showing off her crown in the Pasadena Strawberry Festival Parade on May 12th.

So cute, congrats Betty!