Battle Of The Bad Tinder Dates

May 15, 2018


I went out with a guy I met on Tinder. We had been texting for about two weeks and he finally set up a time for us to meet. We went to a bar in Midtown he kept referring to his car as Sandy, saying things like “I can’t wait for you to meet Sandy” and “Sandy loves to go down to Galveston” or “Sandy loves speed”.

I thought at first he was just joking and so when I laughed, I thought he would laugh to but he didn’t, he got really offended and said “I worked hard for Sandy and Sandy works hard for me. She doesn’t like it when people laugh at her.”

At that point. I left. I texted him and told him I hope he and Sandy are very happy someday.


I was out with my girls one night and I started to swipe, and I found a guy that was right down this street on Washington from me. We started to text and I told him to come down and meet us. Also mentioned if he had any friends I was out with some girls and we could all meet up. About 30 mins later, they showed up and they were DRUNK and I don’t mean a little drunk I mean super drunk. He and his friends were “Those Guys” and I’m talking “Bros”. In fact, if saying “bro” was a drinking game, I might not be here today.  So they left and the bartender gave me my bill and they had charged all of their drinks on my bill! That was an over 200 DOLLAR mistake and he had the nerve to text me at 4 am and say “Hey what’s up?” We all know what that text is.