Can You Leave Your Kids In The Car

May 16, 2018

If you are going in somewhere for just a 2 mins. Can you leave your kids in the car? 

For some, it seems like an easy answer, No or yes but the Yes comes with judgment, right?

Most people will immediately say no because it's the right thing to say. No, you don't leave your kids in a car that's running. However, think about all the aspect. If you have more than one kid by the time you get all the kids out of the car seats, into the shop, do what takes you 1 min and get them back outside and back into the car you're at 20 mins. For something that could have taken, 1 min.

That's one side of the argument. Maybe no the most popular but is it the most realistic.

The other side is that it only takes seconds for something to go wrong. That yes, it may take you one minute to do something but in that time a lot can happen. How many times have you seen on the news a child in a car because a parent got distracted and was just running in for one minute? Or a car is stolen with a child in the back because the car was running and someone took it?

That's the other side. 

Let's be real. No judgment, is it ok? Do you leave your kids in the car?