Do You Move For The Money Or Stay To For The Kids?

When Do You Stop Moving And Lay Down Roots

October 11, 2018

We had Dana on this morning and this is her dilemma


My husband works for a manufacturing company that has plants all over the United States and with his job we knew we would have to travel and that was fun and exciting when we were in our 20’s and didn’t have kids but we have two kids now, 4 and 11 and we have moved twice since our 11-year-old was born. My husband came home from work yesterday and said that they are talking about moving him again after the first of the year and I told him no. I know his career is important with him and he’s been with this company almost 17 years but we can’t keep moving our kids around. My son has made friends, he has a life here and I think we should stay. I work as a nurse so it’s easier for me to find work when we move but I really love where I am now. My husband said he has to keep moving to keep moving up and promised this would be the last move and he is right, he is the breadwinner of our family, but at what cost?

He said he’s afraid if he says he won’t move that he will be let go but they can’t fire you for NOT moving right? Is it wrong of me to want to set up roots for our family? I told him he’s being selfish and needs to think more about his family than his career and he said he is, he’s thinking about the future of our family.  Not sure what we should do.