Houston Astros Pitcher Justin Verlander Gets His 2500th Strikeout

May 17, 2018

In case you didn't know how good of a pitcher Justin Verlander is, maybe this will give you some perspective: he just got his 2,500th strikeout.

That's right, his TWENTY-FIFTH HUNDRED STRIKEOUT! Amazing!

The Houston Astros pitcher got the record-breaking strikeout during Wednesday's 2–0 win against the Los Angeles Angels. 

According to Sports Illustrated, Justin became the 33rd pitcher to record 2,500 strikeouts. He earned the mark with a strikeout against Shohei Ohtani to lead off the ninth inning.  It was his seventh and final strikeout of the night. He allowed five hits and one walk in 118 pitches. In 2,613.2 innings pitched, Verlander has a 3.40 ERA.

Way to go Justin, we are proud you call Houston home, and here's to the next 2500!