If You Won A Grammy Award, What Would Be Your Acceptance Speech?

You know you've thought about who you would thank first!

February 8, 2019



Picking up the Award for Best New Country Artist

My Album, That town In Indiana that’s not Indianapolis

With Hit Songs like,

Everyone has Cars in their Front Yard,


I can’t believe I bought you a truck and you still cheated

I would like to thank God, my mama, my sister, my Uncle Charlier locked up in Louisville, we love you! All my homies at Grandma and Grandpa Pepper’s trailer park I told you we’d get here!  Also, we will see you all on tour, at theatres in Nashville, HOB Louisville and ALL THE STOPS in Florida. Again, thank you God! My Mama and my sister! 




Thank you and it’s an honor to win BEST NEW ARTIST in 2019. To join legendary past winners like:

Peter Nero

The Swingle Singers

Starland Vocal Band

Debbie Boone

A Taste of Honey

Jody Watley

Milli Vanilli

Marc Cohn

Paula Cole

Shelby Lynn



Or even in 1967 when they didn’t even give this award to anyone.

To have my name even mentioned in the same breath as these icons? I will cherish this for the rest of my music career. Which just ended 11 seconds ago. Thank you.



Album of the Year

Wow. Wowwwww! I can't believe I'm standing here, in a place I'd only DREAMED OF as a little girl! First of all I'd like to thank my fans, because without you- I AM NOTHING! (and I always told myself that if I ever won this award you guys would be the first people I would thank!)

There are so many people that got me here today, it's be hard to name every single one of you. But you know who you are! 

I'm gonna borrow one of my favorite quotes, and that just happens to come from the one and only Ellen DeGeneres... “This is crazy. I mean, so, so deserved. But this is crazy…I started this just to make people happy, and to get very, very rich.”

I'd like to thank my dogs, Bella and Zoey for keeping me up countless times with their barks after I tried to come home and take naps. I'd like to thank my parents who told me I better get off their couch and make some money otherwise they were going to kick me out...I'd like to thank my sisters...whose children were countless inspirations for my hits like "Please turn off that Wiggles Song," and "If I hear the Hot dog dance ONE MORE TIME..."

And last but not least I'd like to thank my boyfriend Gabe. Because without you, I never would've had anyone else to play the drums on this album. Or to tell me that I was singing the wrong words the last time we played for a live audience. You're my soulmate, and I love you so much...I share this award with YOU!

And to my fans!! Did I already say my fans?? I can't remember because I think I've had one too many vodka sodas tonight.

Thank you, and g-d bless!