Man Tries To Sell Girlfriend On eBay

The bidding actually got to $119,000 before he pulled the bid!

October 10, 2018

Everything seems to be TOTALLY FINE with British couple Dale Leeks and Kelly Greaves.

Over the weekend, the London couple were at a shop buying horse riding accessories. During their shopping, she used a horse whip to hit him on the butt. So to get his revenge, he pulled his own prank: he listed her for sale on eBay.

The posting was obviously a joke, and he described her like a used car with lines like, "Starts okay but after a while there's a constant whining noise I can't seem to stop" and "bodywork is fairly tidy but close up shows signs of wear."

Europeans must really like the look of this particular model because he accidentally sparked a bidding war.  And the price for Kelly got up to $119,000 before eBay pulled the ad 24 hours later.  They said it broke their policy against selling human body parts or remains.

Dale and Kelly say there aren't any hard feelings between them after the post but Kelly says she may be looking to pull another prank for revenge. 

Here's a picture of the (happy?) couple: