Ways To Save On Back-To-School Shopping

July 12, 2018

Before you know it kids will be going back to school and it stresses parents OUT because it can be so pricey! 

So Parent.com put together some tips on how to save money when you are shopping for back to school.

This seems pretty easy but I'm sure once you get into the store it can be tough but they say to STICK TO YOUR LIST! If you go in and come out with exactly what you want and need. It will help with the cost! 

This is a great idea. Host a back to school swap. You can trade books, clothes and leftover supplies from the year before. 


Click here to see them all. 

Also, according to Moneycrasher.com  you will be spending OVER 600 to get your kids back to school if they are in elementary school. Over 1,000 is your kids are in middle school and according to them over $1,400 to send your high school back to school! 

So anyway to save money is good!