Should Parents Ask Babies For Permission To Change Their Diapers

One expert says we should start a culture of respect

May 15, 2018

Would you ever ask permission to change your baby's diaper?

That's what sexuality expert Deanne Carson suggested during her recent appearance on ABC News. 

“We work with children from three-years-old. We work with parents from birth,” Carson told a surprised ABC News anchor. “Just about how to set up a culture of consent in their homes.”

Carson elaborated on how she thinks the conversation should go between parents and their infants: “I’m going to change your nappy now. Is that OK? Of course a baby is not going to respond, ‘Yes mom, that’s awesome. I’d love to have my nappy changed.’ But if you leave a space. And wait for body language and wait to make eye contact then you’re letting that child know their response matters.”

Of course, some experts vehemently disagree.

Carson, who lists herself as a sexuality educator, speaker and author, has since protected her Twitter account.