Spec's Wine Of The Week

Check out this week's 'Wine of the Week' from Spec's!

December 12, 2018

The end of the year is almost here, and while your friends and family are in town for the holidays make sure you're ready for them by getting their favorite spirits! For this week, the ‘Wine Of The Week’ from Spec's is the ZONIN Asti, and a bottle can be yours for the cash price of $8.47 with your Spec’s key!

It’s Lauren Kelly, and this wine is a great example of a semi-sweet Italian bubbly! Bright, lively, and refreshing with hints of apples and a touch of honey. The sweetness is balanced with a dry, crisp finish. A great buy for either mixing or toasting! 

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With their big selection and lower prices, you could try something new every day without exhausting your options – or your bank account.

For more info on Specs’ wine of the week, check ‘em out online at specsonline.com, or my wine cellar.

Your on-the-way, less-to-pay, for everyday store! Spec’s, cheers to savings!