Spec's 'Wine Of The Week'

Check out this week's 'Wine of the Week' from Spec's!

October 1, 2019

It’s a new month, and the fall is, well, falling into Houston at Spec’s! It’s time to get into Spec’s for their ‘Wine of the Week’ and for this week, it’s the Becker Reserve Merlot, and a bottle can be yours for the cash price of only $11.97 in store with your Spec’s key!

Wind down with this rich, full-bodied wine! Breathe in scents of earth and intense fruit that lead into a balanced palate of lush dark fruit flavors and distinctly dry boldness. A fantastic sipper for welcoming in the Fall season!

And what better way to kick off the fall weather than with your favorite merlots, bubbles, pinots, cabernets or whatever you love to sip on the most. Spec’s has the perfect beverage for you, and definitely for everyone else with a picky palate.

Spec’s has multiple locations in the Houston area to serve you, so plan a stop in today…or you try their new refreshingly fast, same day delivery.

For more info on Specs’ wine of the week, check them out online at specsonline.com, or in my wine cellar.

Your on-the-way, less-to-pay, for everyday store! Spec’s, cheers to savings!