Starbucks Warning Customers About FAKE "Shallowbucks" Offer

Sorry Lady Gaga fans, you're not getting a free drink for singing "Shallow."

March 6, 2019

Spencer Platt / Staff

There's nothing more that I would love than to sing Lady Gaga and Bradley Coopers song "Shallow" for somefree coffee...

...but sorry folks, that's just not happening.

You may have seen a new post that started from Lady Gaga fans about a campaign to boost sales of the song. Starbucks is warning customers that this "offer" is indeed, fake.  

According to ABC 13, The "Shallowbucks" campaign claims Starbucks will give customers a free drink if they send a screenshot themselves listening to the song. Some fans are even tweeting fake messages from Starbucks, saying they received a voucher for a free drink. 

Starbucks has confirmed that the offer is fake, and that it's also investigating how it was made.