What Movies Would You Change The Ending Of?

Here's How The Morning Mix Would End Some Of Their Favorite Moives

February 28, 2019

Sarah Pepper -

The end of the movie should have been that Dottie's husband understood that she had a great talent for baseball and passion for it and instead of her sister Kit and seeing eachother for the first time in YEARS! They have this AMAZING bond because they played baseball together for YEARS and Dottie still started a family and had kids. Cause let's be honest, did you see how many kids that KIT had. She managed to have a family and a baseball careeer. Credit Rolls. Movie done!

Geoff Sheen

In the final scene all the main cast members are shot in the head. Which has given Geoff a complex that he could turn the corner and get shot in the head. He thought they could have added in another form of "offing" the cast. Maybe a stabbing, a poisioning...something!

Lauren Kelly