What's Something You're Doing As An Adult You Never Thought You'd Do As A Kid?

For Geoff Sheen, it's driving a mini van, and for Lauren Kelly...it's watching GOLF!

April 15, 2019

This weekend I found myself doing something I NEVER thought I'd be doing:


Usually I can put on golf and fall asleep to it because it's calm, and I never played it when I was younger so I never knew the golf lingo. 

Howver, yesterday I was GLUED to the tv once Tiget woods started to make his comeback...and then WON THE TITLE!

And when they showed the clip of him hugging his dad all those years ago, to him hugging his so yesterday...TEARS!

So what's the one thing you're doing as an adult that you never thought you'd be doing as an adult??

For Geoff Sheen, it's driving a MINI VAN!

Lol, yep...3 kids in and he and his wife Jillian had to do it. :-)