When It's Okay To Keep Money That Isn't Yours

You did all the work, but do you pocket the cash that's for something else?

May 16, 2018

Geoff Sheen's wife, Jillian, was asked to put together the end of the year thank you gift for their daughter Gladys’s teachers at school. She constantly had to remind parents to make their donation for a full month. She even set a deadline to submit the money so she could buy the gifts for the designated week that teachers were supposed to receive gifts.

On Friday, she brought the gifts to school. But the following Monday, the ONE parent who didn’t give any money left a $20 bill in Gladys’s cubby. The gifts are already purchased!

Geoff says she should keep the $20 as an executive bonus for doing all the work. But Jillian wants to do something else, but she's not sure what the plan should be.

What should she do??