Woman Gets Invoice From Guy For Their Date After She Never Texted Him Back

All's fair in love and war, and paying the check!

April 16, 2018

Every dude who has been stood up on a date must be smiling at least A LITTLE today!

Amanda Burnett of Indianapolis went on a date with a guy earlier this month.  Afterwards, she ghosted him and never texted him back.

Then last week, according to Some eCards, she got something in the mail from him: it was a full invoice for their date!

He charged her $10 for a Moscow Mule, $10 for a beer, $14.50 for pulled pork tacos, plus a $1.99 processing fee, $2.56 for tax, and 47 cents for shipping and handling. That's a total of $39.52.

Amanda thought it was ridiculous and she tweeted a picture of the invoice, which started going viral.  And the next day, the guy texted her to follow up and said he'd send a COLLECTION AGENCY for the money if she didn't pay. Anyway, since then, she's deleted the tweet and set her account to private.