Woman Steals Back Her Stolen Car, Thief Steals Her Rental

June 19, 2018

A woman in Delta Township, Michigan had her Lexus stolen last week.  So she got herself a rental car as the police investigated.

The next day, she was driving in her rental when she saw her Lexus parked at a convenience store.  So she pulled into the parking lot and hopped into her car to steal it back. 

It turns out the person who stole her car was an 18-year-old named Jaysean Porter.  And when he got out of the convenience store and saw the woman stealing back her stolen Lexus, he responded by stealing her rental car.

The cops finally tracked him down in the stolen rental about 85 miles away.

He was charged with unlawfully driving away a motor vehicle and carjacking. The Lansing State Journal reports the woman won't be facing any charges for stealing back her Lexus.