You Had One Job

April 13, 2018

Sarah Pepper

We found out this week that Khloe Kardashian's boyfriend Tristan Thompson was caught on camera appearing to be unfaithful. Now, this is NOT the first time this has happened! He cheated on his previous girl WITH Khloe, when that girlfriend was pregnant!

Now, Khloe is having his baby, well, had his baby yesterday and he's doing the same thing to her!

So, a dual nomination.

To Tristan who only had to be faithful to the BEST of all the Kardashians YOU HAD ONE JOB!

To Khloe, who knew you were getting with a cheater because he was cheating with you. Just say no. YOU HAD ONE JOB!

However, you are still my favorite Kardashian and congrats on the new baby.

Geoff Sheen

Woman went to a restaurant to look at it as a wedding venue and she didn’t have a good experience at all!


So she did what any woman would do, she wrote a letter to the manager tell her about the experience


The manager sent her a reply. However, she made one HUGE mistake! The e-mail she sent to the bride-to-be was SUPPOSED to go to her MOM and it was basically just an e-mail bashing this bride for complaining!

So to the manager who only had to check the e-mail address and make sure she wasn’t bashing a customer. YOU HAD ONE JOB!


Lauren Kelly- 


Contestant Jonny Knowles lost $7,000 after a simple mispronunciation on the show Monday night. According to ABC 13:

While trying to solve the puzzle "Flamenco Dance Lessons," he mispronounced the word "flamenco" and read it as "flamingo" instead.

After the unfortunate event, host Pat Sajak was forced to buzz Jonny with a wrong answer, thus passing the chance to solve onto the next contestant, Ashley, who correctly pronounced the answer and won the round.

The slip-up cost him $7,100 and a trip to Spain. His luck wasn't all bad, he did end up walking away with $19,050.

Jonny, YOU HAD ONE JOB!!!!