This week's biggest FAILS!

July 20, 2018


On social media is the story of the 21-year-old who a “money diary” and it’s titled "A Week in New York City on $25-an-Hour."

Sounds tough! I just got back from New York and I HAVE NO IDEA HOW YOU WOULD DO THT!


Here’s the thing. She’s not doing her week on a 25 dollar salary. She’s getting by because her parents pay her $2,100 rent. She doesn’t have student loans because her parents are paying ALL of that! She on her parents' health insurance. She doesn’t pay for her Netflix, Spotify, or Amazon because she uses her parents' plan.


Spending money. GOT IT! Her parents and grandpa give her $1,1,00 a month allowance.


So the $1000 dollars she’s making. Well, the 750 a week  minus her taxes cause she is paying those. Goes to her gym membership, her metro card, her waxing and groceries.


I’m not hating on the fact that your parents give you money. Enjoy it. I wish my mom had it when I went to college, it would have saved me dressing up like Garfield for birthday parties and working 40 hours a week but don’t tell people you are “making it” on 25 an hour.


Just be quiet and enjoy the privilege. That’s it. Being quiet. That was your ONE JOB!






Earlier this week I went to an Orange Theory class and was super pumped to go. I had taken a few days off, eaten a bunch of junk food, so I was READY to burn all the calories!

Well if you’ve never been to an Orange Theory class, then you’re very familiar with the Heart monitor. Not only does it monitor your heart rate, it also counts your calories, and gives you your splat points count…which it OT’s way of hitting a goal to keep burning fat after your class.


So I’m in class, I’m pushin it…HARD, and I look up at the screen that shows everyone’s numbers. I like to keep track during the class to see my numbers, but midway I notice something: my heart monitor wasn’t working! So that meant everything that I had done that class (which by the way was a LOT) didn’t even technically count! Because if it’s not on that screen, I can’t brag about my spat points!!

So I took my monitor to the front desk, and they reset it. And BAM, it worked again!

But no one got to see the 75 splat points I should’ve had!!

So to the heart monitor, I paid a pretty penny to have it tell me how many calories I burn and how many SPLAT POINTS I earn every class…