You Had ONE Job!

From forgetting to check an order to kidnapping a frog, these folks had ONE job!

August 10, 2018

We don’t know the man’s name so we will just call him John, he flipped his car in Nebraska and then left the scene. The police showed up and he said he didn’t want to talk, and that’s when he grabbed his hostage, a poor little defenseless frog! He wouldn’t respond to anything police asked and finally they had to tase him.

Not sure what charges he’s facing but we do know the frog is ok! Here’s a shocker it appears alcohol and drugs were involved! So to the man who just had to face the consequences, if you flip your car, just stay, and don’t take a frog as hostage! All you had to do was just NOT drive!

You have one job! ​


When "The Big Bang Theory" was casting back in 2006, they really wanted Macaulay Culkin for one of the parts (probably Sheldon).

On The Joe Rogan Podcast, Macaulay said, "they pursued me . . . and I said, like, 'No' . . . then they came back at me again, and I said, 'No, no, no.  Again, flattered, but like, no.'  Then they came back at me again, and even my manager was like twisting my arm." 

But Macaulay thought he'd be miserable.  He added, "listen, I'd have hundreds of millions of dollars now if I did that gig.  At the same time, I'd be bashing my head against the wall." have NO jobs! You COULD have had ONE job!


My mom’s birthday was this week on Tuesday, and since my sisters all have young kids under 4 we usually do birthday dinners on the earlier side so the kids can be a part. We decided on going SUPER FANCY with Chinese food for dinner, (lol) and birthday cake and ice cream for dessert. My dad called in the food, one of my sister’s was going to pick it up and bring it home, and I was in charge of ordering the cake and picking up the ice cream. EASY, right?

I called and ordered the cake to say “Happy birthday Mommala” because that’s what we all call my mom. I could tell the woman taking my order on the phone didn’t speak great English, but I spelled it out, she repeated it back to me, and everything seemed ok at the time. Well of course I was running late to pick up the cake and be at dinner on time, so when I got the cake place I told the lady my first name, she handed me the cake in the box, and I paid and left. WITHOUT CHECKING ON WHAT IT SAID FIRST.


When I opened the cake once I got to my sister’s house I found quote the surprise. I had accidentally been handed another “Lauren’s” order, which was clearly not for a birthday. It said “WE WILL MISS YOU.” All I had to do was check the cake before I left the store, but I didn’t.