You Had ONE JOB!

We've gathered up this week's biggest FAILS!

October 12, 2018


Let's go to Northern Texas to Randall County and a 20-year-old guy named Ahmad Ibrahim from Randall County, in northern Texas.

And last week, the sheriff's department posted his old mugshot on Facebook because he was wanted for drug possession, which was a probation violation. And HE actually left a comment on their post saying, quote, "Why couldn't ya'll get a recent picture?  I'll be in so ya'll can do that." He wasn't LYING! He turned himself in and DID get an updated mugshot. 

Now, we don't know if that's the ONLY reason he turned himself in but that is the only reason that he gave. 

So to you sir, your first job was NOT  to break the law. The second was to go all in and smile in your mugshot or deal with the one you have. 





Police at a Florida airport removed a passenger who refused to get off a Cleveland-bound flight after she was found carrying an “emotional support squirrel.” Every passenger had to be taken off a Frontier Airlines plane because crazy woman Cindy Torok decided to take a squirrel on the plane as her emotional support animal.

Frontier does allow dirty disgusting rodents as emotional support animals, but crazy Cindy wouldn’t back down. Because that’s what you do these days in our country. You do some incredibly stupid but refuse to back down because then that shows you have an ounce of common decency. Anyway, you can see the video of her leaving the plane after a TWO HOUR standoff with police. She flips everyone off, because again, that’s now the standard in our country. Be 100% wrong but actually DOUBLE DOWN on your wrongness because YOU’RE the victim.

Frontier even gave Cindy a voucher for a different flight and completely refunded her money. So that should be it, right?

Nope! Crazy Cindy is going ALL IN and hiring an attorney to sue the airline because even though she falsely filled out the paperwork to not disclose that her emotional support animal was a filthy rodent, she totes asked someone on the phone probably and THAT should be the legal standard! “They said it’s totes fine” is the Constitution, you didn’t know that???

"I was treated very poorly. I was called a liar by one of the stewardesses. "I'm going for blood. I'm going all the way. I'm contacting an attorney." BECAUSE OF COURSE SHE IS!

But we aren’t even done!!! Crazy Cindy’s daughter, Monica, paid for this flight. And she’s proud of her mom "for sticking up for her rights."



Well, I did have a great story about a customer service manager at a post office in New Orleans who was just busted for stealing over half-a-million dollars worth of STAMPS from work to fund his gambling habit but then something even more amazing happened. 

It was just another normal Friday morning, except this time- I didn't drink my coffee because I ran out of sweet and low. So I was already a little off.  Got to work on time, did all my show prep, got into the studio and got all the things ready to go. 

I set up my headphones, my computer, my pen and highlighter just like I do every day, and didn't think anything else about it. I forgot my hair-tie this morning so I decided to get creative and use my pen to hold up my hair. But that's when I forgot my pen was in my hair!

I searched around for almost 30 minutes looking for that dang pen! Everywhere! And then by accident, I was scratching the back of my head and realized, YEP. The pen is IN MY HAIR. 

So to myself, who put my pen IN MY HAIR, and then FORGOT ABOUT IT...