You Had ONE JOB!

We're bringing you the biggest FAILS of the week!

January 11, 2019


If you hire a babysitter, you HAVE TO PAY THE BILL!

This mom who hired a babysitter told the babysitter she wasn't going to pay her because the babysitter "You got free ice cream and a day of fun."

Then the mom blocked the babysitter on her phone and continued to refuse to pay. The babysitter finally contacted the father and WAS paid after she threatened to take them to small claims court. 

If you hire someone, you have to pay them. They did their job and now you paying them is yours!



Kyler Murray is the quarterback for the Oklahoma Sooners. Before this season, he was drafted as a BASEBALL player by the Oakland A’s. So he said he would play one last year of football,  but then start his baseball career in the spring. But not so fast! Murray had SUCH a good year at Oklahoma that he won the Heisman Trophy. So this week, he announced he was declaring for the NFL Draft and maybe he won’t play baseball!


Well, A’s fans didn’t like that news. Including one A’s blogger for a website called SB Nation.

Her name is Jen Rainwater. And she tweeted that if Murray got hurt playing in the NFL, she would tweet THE FINGER to him! She also tweeted some other stuff that we can’t show you because of the swears (and she deleted all her posts too).

So SB Nation fired her. Jen, all you had to do was stay off Twitter when you were mad. You had ONE job! Now you have NO jobs!!!



If you are going to rob someone, you should probably make sure that person isn’t a UFC fighter. That was the moral of the story for one man in Brazil last Saturday night.

UFC fighter Polyana Viana was waiting for an Uber right outside her apartment near Rio de Janerio when a man approached and tried to steal her phone.

Viana told media that the man was armed, but she quickly realized that the gun turned out to be fake and made of cardboard paper. That is when things got rough for the man. 

“I threw two punches and a kick,” Viana said. “He fell, then I caught him in a rear-naked choke. Then I sat him down and said, ‘Now we’ll wait for the police.’”

Viana kept the man’s arm in a kimura-like position until police arrived to arrest him, and then said the man begged for her to let him go, or even call the police because he was scared she was going to beat him up more.

So hey smart guy, who was going to try to rob a girl for her phone with a FAKE GUN but you got the butt-kick of a lifetime instead- YOU MESSED WITH THE WRONG CHICK!