You Had One Job!

Bringing you the biggest FAILS of the week!

March 1, 2019


Ripped from the Police Watch Facebook Page from my hometown.

Apparently there was a guy reported at THE Wal-mart and he was in the garden section eating cottage cheese and drinking chocolate milk that he didn’t pay for and he REFUSED to leave until his bus got there.

Dude, come on. This was posted at 12:47 am on Thursday morning. You can’t just pick up food and start eating and just grab a chocolate milk and start drinking it.



I'm just gonna let the police department of Lawrence, Kansas tell the story...


This week was the beginning of the 2019 season of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo! And man oh man, what a first week lineup- coming straight from the Oscars, Kacey Musgraves kicked off the festivities on Monday night including a cover of Selena’s “Como La Flor’ and then after her was Prince Royce, who also celebrated the 24th anniversary of the Queen of Tejano’s Houston Rodeo performance. Wednesday night, Brooks and Dunn played to a crowd of 71,000 people, last night Rodeo fav Luke Bryan took the stage, and tonight Cardi B will make her Rodeo Houston debut.

Now as Houstonians, it is that time of year we know that our weather is very unpredictable. We can literally have all 4 seasons in a single day, and that’s EXACTLY what’s been happening the whole week!

Monday temps were 75* degrees, and then thunderstorms came through so fast and strong that I had to take cover under the closest fried oreos stand. Um hello?? Houston weather….how about a little more of a heads up?

Or how about the rain continuing throughout the entire week, and temps going from 75* to 50* last night at Luke Bryan? It doesn’t look like it’s supposed to get any warmer than mid 60’s tonight and I know that my girl Cardi B will NOT be OKURRRR with that!

So to our bipolar Houston weather…we know to expect at least ONE crazy day at the beginning of Rodeo each year, but how about you make up your mind and get a little nicer for us? OKURRR?

Houston weather: YOU HAD ONE JOB!