You Had One Job!

We're bringing you this week's biggest FAILS from all over the world!

April 12, 2019


I'm a big hockey fan. And the best time of year began this week with the NHL Playoffs. Joe Pavelski is the best player on my favorite team (until Houston gets one), the San Jose Sharks. Here's what happened in their first game of the playoffs.

From ESPN:

Joe Pavelski's face was numb, but his spirits were high. The Sharks' captain opened the scoring in Game 1 of San Jose's series against the Vegas Golden Knights with a goal that sparked the Sharks to an emphatic 5-2 victory on Wednesday night. But with the goal came some self-sacrifice -- namely a few of Pavelski's teeth, as a Brent Burns shot bounced off his jaw and behind goalie Marc-Andre Fleury.

"I feel all right," said Pavelski after the game, his chin and bottom lip swelled over, blood visible on his bottom row of teeth. "But enough with the dental questions."

At 14:42 of the first period, Pavelski was in his usual spot in front of the opponent's crease.

Joe busted his entire face on a goal that didn't even end up being the difference! If he had the choice of the goal or his teeth, you know he'd take the teeth. Joe, put a mask on your helmet and you could have BOTH! You had one job!!



We all know that love can make us ladies do crazy things sometimes...but check out THIS level of crazy!

A woman in China took the words "speak now or forever hold your peace" to heart when she tried to win her ex back on his wedding day. 

Video shows the emotional ex-girlfriend yelling at the groom, trying to convince him not to get married while his bride looks on. 

The woman, who was dressed in her own wedding gown, even got down on her knees as wedding guests reacted in shock. 

The ex-lover stormed into the wedding ceremony when the groom was about to kiss his bride. 

The bride, not wanting anything to do with the drama, ended up marching out of the ceremony. 

The couple is now trying to work through what happened, and the groom said he hopes to have a wedding redo soon.

So to this man, who clearly told one too many people about when and where his wedding was going to be, and eventually it made it back to his crazy ex girlfriend:


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