You Had ONE Job!

Drunk moms, bad spellers, and terrible artists blew their one job!

May 18, 2018

The Morning Mix shares their one job stories...


There’s nothing wrong with being romantic. In fact, I love a good romance. However, you have to be smart when cupid takes over. Something Brittany Ann Clenney of Santa Rosa Beach Floriday is learning the HARD way today! She caused $10,000 worth of damage by to a new park by spray painting love messages to her boyfriend, John. When I say she painted, I mean SHE PAINTED!  She painted a bridge, rocks and even the side of the wall. Now, not only is this against the law but she made it super easy for cops to find her because she used her boyfriend, John’s, full name!

She said, "John Ryan Wilson, you stole my heart.  And I love it."  Then one of her other messages was signed "Brittany Ann." She was tracked down on Tuesday and here’s shocker, she had the purple paint on her arms still!

So to Brittany Ann Clenney, full name, who loves John Ryan Wilson, next time, send a car, go to Paintings and Pinot and paint a picture, or just send a text! Don’t spray paint and certainly don’t use his full name!





Police in Friendswood broke out their handcuffs and a mop Thursday night after a mother's outburst outside a school play injured an officer and eventually flooded the city's jail. How did she get her hands on the water? Details here: Woman Arrested For Assaulting Peace Officer, Public Intoxication and Filing A False Report or Alarm



The infamous "Be Someone" graffiti sign stretching across I-45 just north of downtown is arguably one of Houston's most photographed landmarks, and sometimes a common target for vandals. This time, someone has painted over the sign to say 'Be Matress Mac.' The artwork has been previously painted over to say 'Be One,' 'Be Yourself,' and even 'Be Football.' However, the sign looks great, minus just one little problem: the artist who did this MISPELLED the mattress.

Mattress Mack also was quoted saying, “I didn’t do it.”

So to the very creative and local artist who was just trying to be more like Mattress Mack but misspelled his name: YOU HAD ONE JOB!