You Had ONE JOB!

From misprints on baseball cards to setting the bar too high on Pinterest, these were the biggest fails of the week!

August 9, 2019


Pinterest is this parent's worst nightmare! Honestly! I thought before Parker was born I was going to do all the things. I am not extremely talented when it comes to crafts so I picked some of the easy stuff. Like the taking pictures of your kids each month with the sweet backdrop. So like any good mom I finally ordered one when she was about to be three months old. 

​Today Parker is 4 months old and since 3 months was a FAIL! She was crying, Willie (my dog) was in the picture I was gonna nail 4 months! I put her in a super cute outfit. PINK! So people would stop saying my son is so cute and I was ready! 


The lighting was awful for it. She's rolling over. I can't figure out how other parents get their kids to sit still but you know what I DON'T CARE! Because guess what I blame pinterest. You have set the goal too high! Give us parents some attainable goals. Allow us to level down! Bring it down to my level!YOU HAD ONE JOB! 



There is a pitcher on the Cleveland Indians named Shane Bieber. But the most popular baseball card company, Topps, must have forgotten this.

On the back of his 2019 card, the 24-year-old righty was accidentally called “Justin Bieber” instead of Shane.

Shane called Topps out on Twitter and Topps apologized by quoting a JUSTIN Bieber song.

Now, I’m glad everyone had a good sense of humor about this. But, Topps, come on. The ONLY thing you have to do is make sure the information on a baseball card THAT LISTS INFORMATION is correct. Okay, Baby? You had one job!



I guess if you're going to steal an electric car, you really probably should see something like this coming…(and I’m not talking about karma)

There's a 60-year-old woman named Kathy Sain from Payson, Arizona.  And last Sunday, she stole a TESLA from a parking lot outside a Subway store. The car was reported stolen quickly, and the cops wound up in a high-speed chase with this woman.

High-speed chases are already dangerous…not only to you, but all of the other drivers on the road, and the police officers involved. Well, this chase ended on a more calmer note…because the Tesla's battery ran out of juice.

The cops say, quote, "Spike strips were ineffective [but the> vehicle ran out of electricity" so they were able to arrest Kathy.

She was charged with theft, fleeing, criminal damage, aggravated driving under the influence, and failing to appear on two outstanding warrants. 

Hey Kathy.

Don’t steal cars. And definitely, don’t steal Teslas.


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