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June 19, 2020

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate Juneteenth this year, check out the Juneteenth Freedom Festival in Conroe. They’ll have food, drinks, vendors, and even a basketball tournament!! It’ll be at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Park from 1-6pm.


Lady Gaga just gave a fan the actual leather jacket off her back. The fan was complimenting her on being such an incredible ally in the LGBTQ+ community and also told her how awesome her jacket was. So Lady Gaga took it off, and walked away in her sports bra. 

This will blow your mind!  I have top secret information about the dark web. Here is how much the average person’s info is sold for on the dark web… $35!!! For your online banking, login, name and address, everything! Protect your stuff!

Mom has a brilliant life hack!

The most genius trick for parents of toddlers is going viral. A mom on Tik Tok shared a video of her blending up Cheerios to make edible sand for her kid to play in! Now when she puts it in her mouth, she’s just eating a snack!

The average infant drops 6 things in a single day and throw an itel 168 times in a single month.

Texas Children’s Hospital came in at #4 on the list of the top children’s hospitals in the US. They also earned top honors in their specific specialty of pediatric cardiology and heart surgery.