96 Second News

June 24, 2020


Disney just released their 2020 rainbow collection in celebration of pride month! From ears, to plushes, keychains, and tshirts, you can celebrate pride right!

The Biggest Loser is coming back for a new season and is looking for contestants in Houston! If you want to get in on the remote casting you can apply online at BLcasting.tv

Looking for a new job? The company “Tushy” is looking to pay a professional pooper $10,000 over the summer to be their Vice President of Fecal Matters. So if you’re comfortable with discussing bathroom habits and toilet preferences, this job could be for you!

Over the past decade, there has been a 75% decrease in people naming their kids Karen…. Wonder why?

Baseball fans we have some good news for you! Calling all baseball fans! Players are returning to camps on July 1st, and they are on track to start the season in July with empty ballparks.

Studies show that kids with more controlling parents are less likely to be in romantic relationships as an adult.