96 Seconds News

June 26, 2020

In Apple’s latest watch update, your watch will ding you to wash your hands properly the same way it tells you to breathe and stand up. The watch will use it’s motion sensors and microphones to detect when someone is washing their hands, and then start a 20 second countdown times.

Do you ever drive just to clear your mind? 75% of us have used our cars as a mental health escape during quarantine.

A new survey of Gen Z kids shows that they are viewing the traditional college path as “old school” and they’re worried about how to pay for their college education.

Almost all parents have been experiencing more stress since the pandemic, but for men, they’re experiencing much less stress than women. When they are stressed, the number one answer for stress relief is alcohol.

Emma Roberts is pregnant! She is expecting her first kid with Garret Hedlund.