96 Second News

September 29, 2020

On Sunday the NFL game between the Washington Football Team and the Cleveland Browns marked the first time in league history that each teams coaching staff included a woman and there was a woman on the field officiating. 

NRG is welcoming up to 13,300 fans on October 4th for their home game against the Vikings. Fans age 10 and older will have to wear masks and there is no tailgating allowed.

Our very first fall front is here! This morning will be our coolest morning since May 11th. Wednesday the lows will be in the mid 50s!

Do you wash your pillows? A woman on Tik Tok is going viral for sharing that she just found out her boyfriend hasn’t washed his pillows in 10 years. Most people were disgusted, but some people don’t wash their pillows, do you?

Nsync group member Lance Bass confirmed to ET that Jessica Biel had her 4th baby! He confirmed that the nsync members knew before everyone else and they have a group chat all about babies. He wouldn’t however share the name. Rumors started emerging that she gave birth in July, not no one could confirm the reports.

No surprise Carole Baskin was eliminated from Dancing With The Stars last night. She wore an actual lion costume for Disney Night and after the verdict said, “My husband is going to be so happy I’m coming home!”... you know the one that’s not missing.

Amazon Prime Day was postponed this year because of corona, and now it has been rescheduled!! Prime day will be from October 13th-October 14th.