96 Second News

October 1, 2020

Stars, they’re just like us!! Kylie Jenner posted about her daughter Stormi’s first day of homeschool with a special back to school outfit including a black dress, diamond earrings, Air Jordans, and a $12,000 designer backpack. 

Chrissy Teigan and John Legend shared yesterday that Chrissy suffered a pregnancy loss after being hospitalized for exessive bleeding. She said they were never able to stop the bleeding and give the baby the fluid it needed despite the blood transfusions, it just wasn’t enough. His name is Jack.

Tonight, 31 Nights of Halloween starts on Freeform!!

For the first time ever on the show The Masked Singer, a contestant took off his mask and revealed himself! Before anyone could vote for their favorite performances, the Gremlin decided to take off his mask. Everyone begged him to keep it on, but it was too late. It was Mickey Rourke! Since he self-eliminated, the other competitors get to stick around for another week.

The Astros are advancing to the American League Division Series after winning 3-1 over Minnesota. 

A new system launched yesterday to let those who applied to vote by mail track the status of their application and mail-in ballot.The Mail Ballot Activity Tracker is available at HarrisVotes.com/tracking.

Kendra Scott has been announces as the newest guest judge on the show Shark Tank! Kendra is based in Texas and started in Austin. 

Kelly Clarkson is having a rough year. She’s been spotted wearing an actual eye-patch on her show. Apparently she hurt her eye on the set of The Voice and is required to wear one. 


Kelly Clarkson is having a rough year with her divorce, and it just got uglier. Her father-in-law says that she owes him over a million dollars in unpaid management fees. He has managed her career for over a decade and says she has fallen behind on her payments. She apparently owes $1.4 million.

42% of parents admit that they are lost trying to teach their children the math curriculum for their grade. 


If you’re looking for something fun to do with the family on the weekends, Space Center Houston is debuting a family-friendly Halloween night called “Galaxy Frights.” They have trick or treating stations, a costume parade, spooky space mission stories, and an up-close look as NASA’s spider-like robot called the Spidernaut.