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October 9, 2020

Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown are finally setting the record straight on what happened when the two of them were quarantined together and the world assumed they were back together. They said they were leaning on each other to heal after the passing of Tyler’s mom and Hannah’s brothers OD. They had a “no hooking up” rule because they were both hurting and in a bad place, however they did sleep in the same bed. Once the media found out they said it put a lot of pressure on them.

According to a source from E News, Demi Lovato has officially returned the ring to her ex fiance.

Astors win!!! They beat the A’s 11-6 in game 4 to make their 4th straight trip to the American League Championship Series! They will play the winner of Marlins vs Yankees.

If you’re keeping up with the latest on Hurricane Delta the forecast cone has it making landfall Friday afternoon in southwest Louisiana as a Cateogry 3.

While some people are putting off their weddings because of COVID, 82% of couples say that living through the pandemic has made them want to get married even more!

Would you change the way you eat for your partner? A ner survey found that 40% of people who went vegetarian or vegan did it for their significant other. 

Moms, are you staying home with the kids? A new report from the Labor department has revealed that women between the ages of 25 and 54 are dropping out of the job market to stay home with their kids. And in a lot of cases, homeschool them!

Mindy Kaling was on Good Morning America yesterday sharing an update on how writing the sequel to Legally Blonde is coming. She said Reese is a friend and she is nervous to mess up, but she wants to see what Elle Woods would deal with as a 40 year old woman! She also announced yesterday that she quietly welcomed her second child, a baby boy named Spencer who was born on September 3rd!

Apparently your taste in music depends on the height of your parents. Babies with shorter parents like faster music and babies with taller parents like slower music and it has to do with the fact that shorter parents take faster steps when walking with them.