96 Second News

October 14, 2020

Don’t forget that tomorrow night is the Billboard music awards at 7pm, Kelly Clarkson will be hosting! Performers include Alicia Keys, Bad Bunny, BTS, Demi Lovato, John Legend, Post Malone, and Garth Brooks.

Records were broken yesterday when Harris County beat the highest single-day tally of early voting turnout ever. At 4:30 yesterday over 100,300 votes were cast so far. 

The Astros lost again last night to the Rays 5-2. Game 4 will be today at 7:40pm.

Do you think you look like your partner? People always say that over time you start to look like your significant other, but a new study just debunked that theory by sharing that  couples always look alike! We are naturally drawn to people with similar facial features to our own.

When is an appropriate time to start talking about kids in a relationship? The average person waits 2 years before they have the talk about whether or not they want kids one day.

Wallethub released the list of 2020’s fastest growing cities in America and a lot of Texas cities made the top half including Sugarland in 16th place and College Station in 20th!

A study by Syracuse University found that when more women are in exec roles at corporations, those companies tend to have better behaved employees. Researchers found that NFL teams with more female execs saw a drop in the number of player arrests.

What is your favorite season? 56% of Americans say that they are happiest in the fall compared to any other season.

Are you staying healthy? 60% of Americans say that over the past few months they’ve fallen off the health and wellness routine.

Amazon is selling an e-book called “Kissing The Coronavirus” about a woman doctor who falls in love with the virus.

Researchers at Washington State University studied over 4,500 plants and believe they found 24 that not only support life, but have BETTER conditions for humans than Earth does. The only bad news is they’re all more than 100 light-years away.