96 Second News

October 19, 2020

The Astros lost in the final game against the Rays 4-2, they will be going to the World Series for the first time since 2008. They will play The Dodgers.

The Texans lost in overtime to the Tennessee Titans with a final score of 42-36. 

JJ Watt made his 99th career sack at the game yesterday.

Adele announced that she will be hosting SNL for the very first time on October 24th with H.E.R. as the special musical guest.

HISD goes back to in person learning today! Happy second first day of school!

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When do you shower? Most people shower in the morning, but doctors are saying the best time to shower is at night, here’s why: Showering at night can help you sleep, allows you to rinse off the day’s germs, it’s better for your skin to remove all the make-up, oil, and dirt throughout the day.

In 2020, apparently “catfishing” is dead, and “maskfishing” is in. People are hiding their face and only show their eyes to seem more attractive to others on dating sites.

Miley Cyrus admitted that she talks to Dolly Parton via fax. Apparently Dolly sent her a fax to ask her to be on her new christmas album “A Holly Dolly Christmas.” Who still has a fax machine?

One thing to avoid in your marriage: Worrying about money. Women who are more focused ont he wealth of their partner are 60% more likely to get divorced

The biggest red flags in an early relationship are not compromising, not initiating ideas, don’t want labels and won’t put you on their social media. 


There is a change.org petition out there right now with over 100,000 signatures to bring back Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza.

If you get a call from a random number, answer it! It might be Oprah! Oprah has been cold calling Texans to urge people to use their voice and vote. She says since she can’t go knocking on people’s doors, she’s calling Texas voters to make sure they have a plan.