All The Feels

September 29, 2020

Description:Every once in a while you come across a story online that just makes you smile from ear to ear and gives you all the feels! We like to find those stories every single day and bring them to you to give you a break from the sad news, and lift your spirits the same way these stories do!

When we read this story about a two year old boy named Bentley, we knew we had to share it with you! Bentley was born with a cleft lip, and in his two short years on this earth, he has already underwent 2 surgeries to try and fully close this lip. Going through something like this can be hard on a kid, so he did found a friend to make it easier.

Bentley's dad Brandon found a very special puppy to bring home to Bentley and be his new buddy. The puppy, named Lacey, was also born with a cleft lip, and now he has someone who looks just like him! The two are absolutely inseparable and do everything together! Lacey has totally lifted Bentley's spirits. We hope this story put the biggest smile on your face like it did for us!