All The Feels

October 13, 2020

If y'all need a little reminder today that the world is in good hands, let us give you some faith and hope in the upcoming generation that they are going to do amazing things. Kids will always notice and question things about life that as adults, we don't always think about.

And Vivian Anderson from Tampa is teaching us that maybe we should question things too. Vivian is only 10 years old, and last year when she was in the car with her mom she saw a construction sign that said "Men Working". Most of us adults drive right past that without thinking twice, but not Vivian.

She immediately asked her mom why the sign said "men working" and not "Men and Women Both Working." Her mom suggested that Vivian write a letter to their mayor and share her thoughts. It took a whole year, but finally Vivian got a letter back. Recently, she was invited to City Hall to meet with the mayor and review the brand new revised signage which now reads "Workers Present."

The Mayor gave her a hard hat and a signed street sign with her name on it. She was so excited about this meeting because it boosted her confidence to know that people will actually listen to kids, and believe they can make a difference. We all can learn something from our kids and the way they think, so our challenge to you today is to just listen!