All The Feels

October 14, 2020

When you have a bad dream, what's the first thing you do? Because for me, the answer is try to forget it as quickly as possible. But 4-year-old Pippa Jackson is using her bad dreams as inspirations of change. Pippa had a nightmare about children having no gifts to open during the Holidays, and that dream sent her into action to make that dream stay just a bad dream and not reality.

With the help of her mom, she has started creating 200 care packages for kids who may not get presents on Christmas. They are making homemade decorations to sell to raise money and taking donations as well! Each little care package is filled with a gift, colored pencils, stocking stuffers and a hat, scarf, and gloves to keep them warm. This Christmas they are donating to shelters and orphanages where they can find kids to help.

Pippa has a heart of gold and wants to help any kids she has! When the holiday time starts to roll around, most work places and churches offer giving trees, where you can adopt a family for the holidays and donate warm clothes, food, and toys to them. Our challenge to you today is to get ahead for the holidays, and find out how to adopt a family.