All The Feels

October 19, 2020

What's one thing that makes almost everyone happy? Dogs!! Of course! One organization called Pets for the Elderly is a program giving special friends to seniors ages 60 and up. First founded in the early 90s, they just announced that they will be expanding their grant program to include animal care assistance.

Pets for the Elderly has helped connect around 100,000 seniors across the US with pets and pay for their adoption fees. Since COVID-19, they have decided to expand their grant program to cover vet appointments, food, grooming, and in-home visits.

We are learning that with quarantine and isolation, the companionship between people and their dogs are key to mental wellness. And senior citizens tend to take better care of themselves when someone is counting on them. When they have someone to take care of, they maintain a routine!

Pets for the Elderly has been connecting seniors with dogs for years! And they have found that when they have a pet, they are better about taking their medications on time, getting some exercise, and have better mental health overall. Our challenge to you today is to find an organization like this one that you're passionate about, and make a donation if you can! If you're interested in making a donation to Pets for the Elderly or seeing their participating shelters, click here.