All The Feels

October 23, 2020

Break out the tissues, because this story is guaranteed to bring you all the feels. We all have days where we just sometimes need a hug, but not just any hug, a hug from that someone special. For 10 year old Romeo Cox, that someone was his grandma.

Romeo lives in Italy and his grandma lived in England. he hadn't seen her in over a year and just wanted a hug. His parents told him he couldn't take a trip to see her because of COVID concerns, so he made a plan.

Romeo planned a route, ON FOOT to get to his grandma. Romeo and his father set off on June 20th, trekking across Italy, Switzerland, and France while sleeping under the stars. After 3 months of travel and a mandatory 2 week isolation, Romeo FINALLY got to see his grandma Rosemary and give her the hug that he'd walked 3 months and 17 hundred miles to get. Nothing was stopping Romeo from seeing his grandma and being able to tell her he loved her.

This makes us think, what more can WE do to show our loved ones how much we care for them today? Our challenge for you today is to go out of your way to tell someone you love them, visit a friend you haven't seen (socially distant of course), or send a card in the mail. Make someone feel loved today!