Spec's 'Wine Of The Week' for 3-4-20

March 3, 2020
Wine of the Week: Decoy Chardonnay

Ladies, did you know that this Sunday is International Women’s Day? I know exactly how I want to celebrate with my girlfriends. I’m taking a trip to Spec's, getting as much wine as I can carry up to my apartment, and having a wine night! If you need help deciding what wine to get, Wine of the Week is here to help! This week it’s a bottle of Decoy Chardonnay from Spec's. You can grab a bottle on your way home for work for only $14.97.

This inviting white wine offers layers of apricot, citrus, and summer melon, as well as hints of honeysuckle. On the palate, the fruity flavors are accented by lights acidity and a richness that makes a beautiful pairing with grilled chicken and veggies!

Whether you’re celebrating this weekend with the girls like me, or guys, maybe your ladies are out together so you want to have a guys night. Spec's has the perfect beer, bourbon, or sparkler for you to try. With locations all around Houston, you can plan a stop in today or try their refreshingly fast same day delivery.

For more info on Spec's Wine of the Week, check them out online at Specsonline.com or in my wine cellar.

Your on-the-way, less-to-pay, for everyday store. Specs, cheers to savings!